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This seemingly simple question, "Is Bigger Always Better?" probably goes back to the dinosaur days when Tyrannosaurus rex ruled the roost (although the smaller Triceratops held his own against the mightier foe!). And in biblical times, there was David vs Goliath (guess you know who won that duel). Certainly in the field of marketing, promotion and advertising, one would think that bigger is usually better, right? Looking at this building with an ad wrap spanning about 18 stories high, you could say that this company is getting some attention. But is it good attention? Is it sending the right message?

Architecture is both a functional engineering practice and an art form. Buildings and homes serve those two main purposes: a place to work or live that's also nice to look at/work in/live in. Art and design are a big part of our lives. The problem is, some building owners are looking to generate as much revenue as possible from their structures (above and beyond rent and the parking garage), and if they have a large wall facing a busy thoroughfare, why not sell some wall space? After all, in this day and age, getting people's attention is more valuable than time or money, right?

Okay... maybe wall advertising is not such a great idea in the long run. It adds more noise to an already visually and sonically saturated cityscape such as Los Angeles. But there are times when bigger is better for your business: signage, banners, trade show displays, posters; these forms of printing can make a significant impact on people in the vicinity of such products. Especially when these items are well designed and printed on high-quality equipment. Choice of materials and finishes is also part of the process, and will vary depending on where your banners, trade show items, posters, etc., will ultimately be displayed. Since outdoor displays are subject to the elements of the sun, heat, cold and moisture, specialized inks and coatings are additional factors that can help maintain the integrity of printed products.

Companies like Universal Print that specialize in large-format printing, can help you in all phases of the process — from design to materials. And make no mistake, designing for large displays is a different animal that requires professional expertise!

Revisiting the original question of bigger always being better, there are times when that just isn't the case, like when it comes to price: bigger isn't always better! Fortunately, you can get your banners, trade show displays, posters and signage printed at Universal Print for not much money. (They even have a special website just for large-format printing:

Bigger print and smaller price... now that's ALWAYS better!

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(originally published on May 4, 2016, by Universal Print and Copy)

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